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Mike Packer got started in the auto repair industry 30 years ago. He started with collision repair and 16 years ago decided to specialize in auto glass repairs only.  After managing multiple auto repair shops, Mike and his wife Bonnie decided to start their own business in 2006.  They were joined by their children, David Packer and Nicole Mlenar.  Many companies claim to be family owned and operated, but we truly are.  We work hard to keep all the profits in the community by sponsoring youth sports, donating to charities and partaking in community service projects.

What to expect when getting a repair or replacement:
·    When dealing with adhesives and chemicals, windshields or back glass, we will only work outside when it is warmer than 40 degrees.  If colder than that we would require your vehicle be in a heated area, whether its our garage or your own where we can bring a heater.
·    You can drop off your vehicle at our shop and we can give you a ride or we will pick up your vehicle from you and drop it off to you when complete.
·    If it is a job without adhesives and chemicals we will do the job outside when it is above freezing.
·    It takes roughly one hour to replace your window and the vehicle cannot be driven for one hour after repairs are complete.
·    You cannot wash your vehicle for two days after the replacement.
·    We directly bill your insurance company.  Most insurance companies let us handle the claims, but there may be a few circumstances where we must make a phone call to submit a claim with the customer on the phone call as well.
·    It’s virtually hassle free!